Brand Watch - Merc SS16 March 11 2016

Have you seen the below video?

It brings to life, Merc's Spring Summer 2016 collection. Some of which can be found in our New Arrivals section: We think they have done it again and produced some top Mod Clobber.

We have selected to stock six new Merc shirts this season. 3 long Sleeve and 3 short sleeve. The short sleeve shirts include a Paisley, a Gingham and a Tartan. In the long sleeve we have a Polka-dot, a Paisley & a classic Oxford. 

Pictured above:

Left: Merc Terry - Classic Mod Gingham shirt. Everybody could do with a bit of Gingham in their lock up.

Right: Merc Mack - Skinhead style Red Tartan shirt.

We also have 10 new polos to the site which are a mix of standard 3 button polo, Zip polo and Knitted.

Pictured above:

Left: Merc Rogan: Stripes and a Mod look go hand in hand and they seem to flow through the collection this summer more than previous, this polo also contains some additional panelling.

Right: Merc Jobling: Takes its inspiration from the Mod inspired Merc Boating Blazer which you may recall from earlier seasons.


We recently ran three polls on twitter to get your feedback on our new polos.

Poll 1) A new arrival this summer to our site is the Merc twin tipped Card polo in white. This is the fifth Merc Card polo that we now stock. We asked which colour do our Twitter followers prefer: Navy, Black, White, Burgundy.

34% of voters prefer the Navy Merc card polo.

Poll 2) Merc Hayes is a 100% cotton polo, featuring a zipped neckline, a neat collar with striped edging, contrasting cuffs and hemline, and Merc's iconic crown emblem at the chest. We asked which colour do our Twitter followers prefer: Dark Blue or Off White.

65% of voters prefer the Merc Off White Zip Polo.

Poll 3) Merc Rogan pictured above comes in two colours. The polo features vertical stripes & contrast colour panelling.  We asked which  do our Twitter followers prefer: Cool Blue or Charcoal. 

64% of voters prefer the Cool Blue Polo.


The last polo we would like to mention is the off white Merc Harum knitted polo. We wanted to own it as soon as we saw it.  We couldn’t help but think it reminded us of this England Kit.



We have also added to our T-shirt collection this summer by deciding to stock the Merc Keyport in Burgundy This T-shirt is a simple crew neck containing Merc's embroidered crown emblem. It now comes in three colours (Navy, Off White & Burgundy.

The final Merc addition to the site is a New Harrington. We already stock a number of Harringtons. This Harrington however like a windbreaker is 100% Nylon and comes with a few additional features including Merc's W1 logo and Tipping on the Cuffs.