Mod Clobber - All in for less than £135 March 30 2016

Four years ago when we were starting out, we were approached by the nice people over at Good Clobber to contribute to a blog post. The post was all about 'Mod Clobber' and the cost of it, this was the opening paragraph to the article:

"Mod clothing is great, but let’s be honest, it’s expensive. As a niche style, it seems some brands can get away with charging an arm and a leg for their garments"  

At the time we came up with an idea of kitting people out in top Mod Clothing for less than £100.

Check out the full article here:

Using a similar idea we have listed two outfits, both three piece outfits for the day or night and both come in at less than £135 and delivered for FREE (UK). 

Outfit One - The Night

Merc Japster Gingham Shirt - £45.00 (Available in long or short sleeve in various colours)

Warrior Sta Press - Fawn £27.50 (Also available in Burgundy and Navy)

Delicious Junction Desert Boot - Black £60.00 (Also available in Stone)

All in: £132.50  


Outfit Two - The Day    

Merc Card Polo - Black £40.00 (Available in 5 colour ways)

Relco Jeans - Blue £25.00 (Available in 4 colour ways)

Delicious Junction Desert Boot - Stone £60.00 (Also available in Black)

All in: £125