Mod Wear Pins of the Month - March 2016 April 06 2016

This is part 3 (March) of our Pinterest feature where we (at ModWear HQ) share with you our top, favourite, memorable 5 pins / re-pins each month. 

Pinners Caption: Bradley Wiggins and Miles Kane Out Together


Mod Wear Comments: Sir Bradley Wiggins hit the headlines again in early March. He teamed up with Mark Cavendish to win the Madison at the Track World Championship in London.  Miles Kane also featured on twitter feeds heavily in March as he built up to the release of his second album with Alex Turner as The Last Shadow puppets.  This picture is a few years old but cracking. The boys looking sharp about town. 


Pinners Caption: Sir George Martin  


Mod Wear Comments: March was another cruel month, many greats taken from us. Sir George Martin passed away on the 8th March – he was often referred to as the 5th Beatle.


Pinners Caption: Me on my now TV225 on Ginger's Easter Egg Run when I ran it from 1993 to 2009, bloody good times back then


Mod Wear Comments: March reminds us how charitable “Mods” (If you excuse the generalised term) are. March of the Mods produced another successful year raising £100,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Also around Easter time we read many reports up and down the country of Easter Egg runs. Love reading these stories and seeing the pictures.  There are not loads of these pics on Pinterest but we came across this. The image is a bit blurry but it kind of adds to it I think.

Check out a video below of Gingers Easter Egg Run 2016.


Pinners Caption: Volkswagen bus dresser


Mod Wear Comments: How cool is this. I’ve seen a few of these – VW cupboards and beds etc. Teach them young we say. 

Pinners Caption: 80s Mods 1 - White socks and loafers - we thought it was cool then


Mod Wear Comments: We (Mod Wear) recently did an interview with a new magazine which will be out soon called “The Mover.” During the interview we got a little bit giddy about socks, probably talked about them too much. After the interview we started to think and talk about 80’s Mods and the wearing of white socks.  We did a bit more digging about and found this post from 2011 on the “Mod Generation forum” we really like the response by Stephen Hughes.  

“They certainly wore coloured socks in the 60's - and the reason we all wore white socks in the 80's is because we thought it looked cool at the time - but when everybody was wearing them it became uncool and quite naff (it was seen as quite juvenile to be wearing them).

But, as to the reason it was thought to be cool in the first place, this was probably because it was another way of being noticed - of standing out - and, in this instance, people took notice of you wearing the white socks, so that's not a bad thing!

It's just great, as a mod, that you're paying attention to details like the colour of socks you wear - that's what it's all about!”


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