ModWear5 – E15 Cleargreen April 28 2016

ModWear 5 with Cleargreen – Episode 15

Back in 2015, we road tested a set of ei8htball Earphones and was totally blown away so started stocking them.  We recently saw that ei8htball started backing a Manchester band “Cleargreen”.  We checked them out and was again taken back by the bands beautiful branding. We checked out their Soundcloud, looked at their up and coming gigs and caught five with Ali, the bands Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist.

    1) When did you all meet and how did the band form?

      I've known Ty (Drums) since being very young, just from seeing him around where we live, and just growing up together on our estate. Callum (Bass) I met through mutual friends and through being in previous bands gigging in the same area. Then Jack (Lead Guitar) I know through being in the year below me at secondary school. The band formed in 2012 with other members coming and going, with Jack coming in on Lead in August of 2015, hopefully he’s not going anywhere too.

        2) How would you describe your sound, what are you writing about?

          I'd say we've got a few things going on musically, we don't really tend to worry about sticking strictly to one style, I think we mix it up and change between a few. If I had to put a name on what we do I'd say we're Modern Indie, always looking forward trying to be as fresh as we can, but at the same time not being scared to let influences come through sometimes. If it sounds good then we will use it. We write about anything we feel is worth writing about, anything we can get a song out of, anything that's happened that day, from personal experiences to stories.

            3) You’ve got a gig coming up at the O2 Ritz in June, what can we expect and who else is on the Bill?

              You can expect to be entertained, by a band that are coming into their own. It's our biggest gig to date so that in itself will be a massive buzz for us. Then of course there's the bands who we will share the bill with. The Clarks who we are really good friends with, a top, top band! There's also Dantevilles, Sly Antics and The Nix, so it's a very exciting line up. We've all come together to make this gig a special one, it's good to see bands working together and helping each other out.

                4) What’s your most valued item of clobber? And why?

                  There's probably not one single piece of clothing, but I'd say Levis. I remember my dad taking me for my first pair when I was about 11/12, it felt almost like an initiation into manhood. I also got my first pair of Gazelles that day too. What a day that was.

                    5) If you could name 3 people who you would want at your next gig, who would they be and why?

                      I'm not really sure, probably Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. Just cos they're all getting on and some of the last legends still with us, it'd be cool to say I'd met them. If I'm allowed people no longer with us, it'd have to be John Lennon, George Harrison and Jimi Hendrix.

                      You can check out Cleargreen at the Manchester O2 Ritz on Friday 3rd June (Tickets are selling fast).   The band will also be playing a Mod all day festival at Café Artisan in Rossendale on 1st May, after that they will do a spot at Boltfest in Bolton between 27-29th May.

                      Future gigs include playing at The Live Room in Manchester for Musicians against Homelessness on September 24th.  Ali told us “it’s another mint line up for that and all the money raised goes straight to helping the homeless which is the most important thing

                      You can listen to Cleargreen on their soundcloud page:  

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