Mod Wear Pins of the Month - April 2016 May 09 2016

This is part 4 (April) of our Pinterest feature where we (at ModWear HQ) share with you our top, favourite, memorable 5 pins / re-pins each month. 


Pinners Caption:  Inside the lives of the worlds most obsessive Record collectors


Mod Wear Comments:  Saturday April the 16th was Record Store day. Did you get involved, get anything you wanted? Or do records form part of your everyday life. This is the impression we get from this picture taken from



Pinners Caption: Seaside History


Mod Wear Comments:  When the sun starts to show its head (which it didn’t that much in April) or we fall on a Bank Holiday – we think about heading to the seaside. Unfortunately we don’t live that close to Brighton but I like this old picture of Blackpool. Look at all the people on the beach.  


Pinners Caption: Fish and chips in newspaper, as served in the pre-Health & Safety days of the 1980s.   


Mod Wear Comments:  Its health and safety gone mad. Linked to the previous image, you can’t beat Fish and Chips by the sea. Wrapped in yesterday’s Newspaper seems strange now, not being able to reads “An Irishman’s Diary” while chomping through Battered Cod and Chips.



Pinners Caption:  saved from


Mod Wear Comments:  Lots of pictures of Northern soul dancers on our Pinterest feed.  The small text in yellow on this pictures says “87’s All nighter at the 100 club.” Love the Parquet flooring, would love that at home.



Pinners Caption: -


Mod Wear Comments:  In April Scooter meets are happening on a more frequent basis. Love seeing all new pictures popping up on our Twitter feed from various scooter clubs that we follow.  Seen this picture shared numerous times over the years, but it’s a classic.


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