AIM HIGH Paul Weller in Photographs 1978 - 2015 June 03 2016

Have you seen one of the latest arrivals to our shop?

We recently made contact with Flood Gallery publishing based in Greenwich, The Flood Gallery itself is a Gallery store in Greenwich Market which predominantly deals in screen printed gig, movie and pop culture art. Over the last couple of years they've developed an independent publishing label, Flood Gallery Publishing which specialises in music inspired art and photography books.

Their latest book is a Paul Weller photography book by the acclaimed music photographer Tom Sheehan. Tom has been photographing Paul Weller across 5 decades and the 240 page book represents a comprehensive visual history of Paul’s career.

This Deluxe Edition is beautifully made to the highest specifications and includes a foreword written by Paul himself.

This is what “they” say about it:

“These brilliant pictures prove that Weller has barely put a foot wrong in his turnout,”  James Anthony of The Evening Standard:   

This is what we say about it:

“This is everything I love about a book, a few short written stories but 100s more told in pictures.  Once you’ve picked this up you will not want to put it down and you’ll want to come back to it again and again.  I’m no photography expert but I know Tom’s work, he has taken some of the most iconic photos of bands I love.  To have such a special collection of Paul Weller images all in one place on my coffee table is just brilliant,” Mod Wear

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More about Tom Sheehan:

Tom Sheehan was born in Camberwell, South London, his vocation decided the day he first saw a picture of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates in a music magazine at Loughborough Junction rail station on his way to a school football match. After working in-house for CBS Records he turned freelance in 1978, becoming chief photographer on the Melody Maker where his work appeared for the next two decades during the height of its weekly circulation. 

His images have since featured in, amongst others, the NME, Q, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer and latterly Mojo magazine, as well as various album covers and artwork including Radiohead, The Smiths, Coldplay, Oasis, Ian Dury, and The Charlatans. In 2006, the same year Weller received an Outstanding Contribution award, so did Sheehan, presented by Coldplay’s Chris Martin for Record Of The Day in recognition of his life’s work in music photography. This book is the first in a series from Tom’s exclusive archive, each focussing on his long relationship with a favourite subject.



Sheehan first saw Paul Weller on stage with The Jam at the Rainbow, Finsbury Park in May 1977. “Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of them, as I was there for CBS to shoot The Clash, who they were supporting. That was the night the fans started ripping up and throwing all the chairs and I got coshed. I still flag that up as the cause of me having a balance problem ever since.” 

Finally given his chance to document The Jam the following year, Sheehan would continue photographing Weller through The Style Council, right up until his most recent solo work. “I’ve always admired Paul because he’s not a lazy guy, is he?” says Tom. “If I ever feel lazy I think of people like him who never stop and pull myself together. He never lets the grass grow under his feet and I find that very endearing and exciting in someone who’s been doing it such a long time.” While they share similar tastes in music, not to mention cravats, despite his best efforts Tom has yet to turn Weller on to The Grateful Dead. He intends to keep trying.