Mod Wear Pins of the Month - May 2016 June 07 2016

This is part 5 (May) of our Pinterest feature where we (at ModWear HQ) share with you our top, favourite, memorable 5 pins / re-pins each month. 


Pinners Caption:  May 1965, Mods wearing suits and parka's on Motor Scooters covered with extra lights and wing mirrors 


Mod Wear Comments:  Caption says it all really. Top picture from 1965, Lads looking sharp on their scooters.  


Pinners Caption:


Mod Wear Comments:  How good are the old images of Air Hostess. The outfits are cool. These 5 woman working for Overseas National Airways. Thought this image was fitting as we start to plan for summer holidays. (which can’t come quick enough)


Pinners Caption:  22 Random Acts of Vanadalism That Are Actually Pure Genius


Mod Wear Comments:  A little bit different from the normal images making its way onto our Pinterest feed, but the caption along with this image got our attention.  You can check out the original blog post and all 22 images here:


Pinners Caption:  my scandinavian home: mid century modern 


Mod Wear Comments:  Obvious to say that we are well into clobber but maybe not so obvious, we love furniture and interior design. Really like this Mid-century scandi-style Chair.  Some of the items in the background are a little feminine and a little bit more cluttered than I would like it but good image and I like the living room. 


Pinners Caption:  Unseen Quadrophenia Images


Mod Wear Comments:  I’m positive you will have seen the announcements in the national press in May. If not here is how the Mail Online reported it on 28th May: 

37 years on some of the Quadrophenia cast are reuniting to film Peter Meadows' book “To Be Someone”.   When we shared the story on our twitter feed it got a mixed reaction:

“You can take your sequel and shove it right up your arse”

“Toyah as a “swinging Cougar” Hmmmmm… We’ll reserve Judgement”

“Daft Idea”

“Never beat the original, but hay why not.. Always love a bit of Quadrophenia

“based on the book, 'to be someone' which was a good read so I'm in!”

“1,000,000% NO!”


The comments did make me smile. I’ve not personally read the book, but will watch the film and judge it when I see it.  

For now, let’s reminisce on the classic, the original. The Pinterest image I chose captures 8 images. My guess is you’ve already seen these but they do spark great memories, and quotes from the film. The film itself I must have seen at least 30 times, still love it. I’ve only however watched the original film trailer a few… Sit back & enjoy.



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