ModWear5 - E16 - Chris Green June 14 2016

ModWear 5 with Chris Green – Episode 16

If you follow our Twitter & Instagram feeds you will have seen that we went to the Cleargreen Gig at the 02 Ritz, Manchester on Friday 3rd June.  It was a belter of a night.  During the night we met Chris Green.  Chris is a fellow Manc and also a Screenwriter & Director.  We got talking to him about his up and coming project:

 1) For those who have not read or watched your video on Kickstarter, what is your film, "The Pebble and the Boy" about? And what inspired you to proceed with this project?

The Pebble & the Boy is a modern day road movie on Mod scooters inspired by the music of Paul Weller. I started writing the script after meeting Paul the morning after a gig in Cork back in 2011. On the plane on the way home I started to see a teenager standing on Brighton Pier holding his dad's ashes in an urn and worked backwards from there. If you listen to the song The Pebble and the Boy, the lyrics and feel of the track lend themselves perfectly to this image. I've been a fan of Paul and his music since I was 13, and I lost my dad around the same time, so a story about a boy trying to honour his dad has always resonated with me. The script was picked up a few years ago by a producer, but for whatever reason didn't get made at the time and the rights to the project reverted to me. It had a director attached at the time, but now that I've directed my own short films and my first feature film Strangeways Here We Come featuring great talent like This is England's Chanel Cresswell and also Michelle Keegan in her first film I think the time is right for me to push on and get it made.

    2) How did the backing of Weller come about?

    The original producer managed to get the project in front of Paul and he gave it his blessing, this was in about 2012. A mutual friend put me in touch and I got the idea to him again and was thrilled that he remembered it and that his support was still in place.

      3) Along with the narrative and cinematography, the soundtrack will be a huge part of this film, what do you have lined up?

      The soundtrack is so important to the film, and obviously with The Pebble & the Boy being the title of the film I'm hoping that I will be allowed to use it when the time comes. There are other tracks referred to in the script and I have a wishlist, but I'm under no illusion that it will be just a case of picking what songs we would like as there are several elements involved in licensing tracks for a film. I will be thrilled to bits to get any tracks, but it's a way down the road yet, and we're off to a great start having Paul's support.

        4) What films were you inspired by growing up & now?

        Obviously Quadrophenia is one of my influences as it came out just as I was getting into the Mod scene. I love films like Rita, Sue and Bob too and Kes as I am a big fan of social realism stories. But my all time favourite film is Scum, and I even have a Borstal spot tattooed on my wrist. I love Ray Winstone as Carlin, and like a lot of my generation can quote lines from the film.

          5) In what ways can people support the making of the film?

          People can support the fund raiser by spreading the word about it, although at this stage with less than 13 days to go it's all about donations if we are to hit our £10,000 target. And we don't expect people to cough up their hard earned readies for nothing, there are loads of great rewards on the Kickstarter page for money that is pledged, things like walk on parts, ride on parts for people with Scooters, set visits, T-shirts and digital copies of the film

          As it stands, with just over a week remaining - Chris has met nearly 70% of the funding Target. If the Target is met, Chris will aim to film the promo during the last week of July in Manchester and Brighton.

          Chris told us “The promo will then be presented to interested parties and hopefully, if things go well we may be in a position to film the feature length version next year”.


          If this sounds like something that interests you, you would like to see the film made, and like the sound of some of the rewards on offer, then visit the Kickstarter page and give if you can.  While you’re on the page, have a watch of the video where you can see Chris talking about the film.

          Please also give Chris a follow on Twitter: