ModWear5 – E3 The Scootographer June 28 2014

ModWear 5 with The Scootographer Episode 3

We are positive you will have seen and enjoyed his images, so we were well chuffed when Dominic Hinde aka The Scootographer said yes to take part in the third of our 5 minute read / 5 question interviews.


1) What was your first memorable shoot or single shot?

My first memorable shot was probably the photograph I took of Daniele on his green and gold Lambretta the first time I went to the Brighton mod weekend. This was the first proper Mod event I attended and I managed to get a shot of the scooter just as the sun was shining on the side panel, lighting up the green and gold paint and reflecting on the chrome

2) How did the Scootographer tag come about?

The Scootographer name came about when I decided to post some of the images I had taken online, I mixed the words Scooter and Photographer and thought it sounded good.

3) Speaking for ourselves and perhaps on behalf of Scooter owners, we would all like to capture striking, professional looking images. Without giving away all of your trade secrets what advice would you offer up to somebody taking pictures of their scooter?

Hard question as I don’t really have a plan or specific process when taking scooter photos. Although if I had to give one piece of advice it would be to make sure you crouch down so you are at the scooters level. This way you miss out all of the unwanted subjects in the background and makes the scooter and/or rider look more predominan

4) When identifying people (in particular blokes) in your shots, is there anything your specifically looking for in terms of the way they are styled?

When photographing people at mod events I wouldn't say I look for one thing in particular. I just look for people who I think look smart. As you know the mod scene is all about image, so people tend to enjoy posing and being photographed.

5) What do you have lined up this year as the Scootographer or within your additional projects?

Later this year I am hoping to do a limited edition Scootographer book with all of my best photographs and loads of unseen shots, so stay tuned.

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