ModWear5 – E4 Phase 3 Scooter Crew July 01 2014

ModWear 5 with Warrington’s Phase 3 Scooter Crew Episode 4

As we are well in the midst of Scooter season and with big National Rally’s just around the corner, our next 5 minute read / 5 question interview is with Stu ­from Warrington’s Phase 3 Scooter Crew.

1) What’s behind the name Phase 3 and how long have you been meeting?

The name phase 3 came from a breakaway group of Warrington Scooter Club. It was sort of, the next generation of the club as back in the 80's they had a phase 2. Some might disagree but that's how I've been told it. The club has been meeting now for almost 3 years and have our 3rd anniversary in October.

2) Generally how much work goes into maintaining scooters throughout the season and during the winter months? And what’s the clubs take on more modern scooter models?

Scooters are maintained continually throughout the year, especially on rallies. There's always someone aking a side panel off. Winter months are usually used for re-sprays, overhauls, engine rebuilds etc unless they are used on a daily basis. The modern scooters (autos) are becoming more frequent. I think there are 3 in our club at present. We have no preference as to what you want to ride. Most of us prefer classic geared models but its down to personal choice.

3) Many readers may not realise how much your (and other) Scooter Clubs do to raise money for charity, For example, your club were responsible for the Warrington leg of March of the Mods in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, what other charities or charitable events are you linked to?    

Yes, we ran an event for March of the Mods and are lined up to do another one next March. The club also raise funds for local hospitals attending the egg runs at Easter and toy runs at Christmas across the North West. We also choose a charity for our open day and have collections and raffles on the day to raise funds. I think in general any of the scooter (and bike) clubs like to enter into fundraising for numerous charities. We're a fun loving bunch really. 

4) Talking threads – practicality often prevails on rallies but do you have an ace face amongst the crew?

We don't have an ace face as there is a broad range of styles in the club. There are quite a few mods, soulies, rude boys etc. all have their own tastes in clothing. The gear you sell ( runs right across the spectrum of scooterist clothing and of course no scooterist would ever be without a Fred Perry.

5) What do you have coming up in the near future?

There's plenty coming up for Phase 3. There's a bike show on Saturday, a ride through Delamere on Sunday with Northwich Omega, the Lancs Alliance ride to the Triangle on the following Wednesday night and then the Mid Cheshire Rally on the 11th July. There's always something going on and we can't wait for our open day on August 9th.  

Phase 3 Scooter Club is open to anybody to join. All you have to do is turn up on a Thursday night and join in. There are no membership fees or anything like that - It's just all good fun.

Find out more about Phase 3 and the open day on August 9th at the Phase 3 Facebook page: