ModWear5 – E5 Carnaby Designs October 15 2014

ModWear 5 with Carnaby Designs Episode 5

You may have seen that we recently started stocking a range of Helmets by Carnaby Designs (No Longer Stocking), for the next 5 minute read / 5 question interview we thought we would catch up with Stephen, the managing Director over at Carnaby Designs to find out a little bit more about him and his business.   

1) When did you decide that you would start a company specialising in helmets for Scooter Riders?

By 2012, I had been thinking about it for a while. It was really annoying me that I couldn't buy a full-face helmet which was designed with scooterists in mind. I got offered voluntary redundancy from my job and that gave me the time and ability to set things up.

2) Full of history, but what does Carnaby Street mean to you or represents in the modern age?

We chose the name Carnaby Designs due to its obvious connection with Carnaby Street and all it stands for in mod culture. I think it's fair to say it was the center of cool in the late 60s and it's still of huge significance to people today. We also like the fact that as a company based in the north of England, we have a little known place called Carnaby up here too which has family connections for us – so the name worked on two levels for us.

3) Have you spotted a trend in more scooter riders opting for full face helmets over open face?

When I was looking for one, I kept thinking that I can't be the only person who wants one of these and the response has been great. Our sales have been increasing month on month since we started and although we now also do an open-face helmet, the vast majority of our sales are full-face. I've seen what can happen when you land on your chin - tarmac is tough stuff...

4) Was it challenge meeting all of the required safety requirements for producing a Helmet?

It was one of our biggest challenges as we wanted to make sure our helmets were as safe as they could be. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that's the case. All our helmets meet the European standard (ECE 22.05) and all our full-face helmets have ACU Gold Accreditation.

5) Switching focus from top to bottom and talking clobber... What’s your proffered footwear when riding your scoot?

­I'm never very far away from my Fred Perry desert boots.


Carnaby Designs have recently released the Blackjack and Classic ranges which can be found here:  Look out for their increasing range of lids. Also keep an eye for some future projects including some Carnaby Designs gloves.