ModWear5 – E6 Darron J Connett October 16 2014

ModWear 5 with Darron J Connett Episode 6

For the last few weeks, there have been two magazines sat on our ModWear HQ table, one face up and the other face down... Both feature an image of Darron J Connett.  If you’re reading this and found the link on our site we would guess (hope) you are into your clobber and therefore I’m positive you will have seen pictures or know of Darron.  Musicologist, Front Man, Model, songwriter, modernist, Shoe design collaborator and all round top bloke... we caught up with Darron for Episode 6 of our 5 minute read / 5 question interviews.

1) With so much going on, how does a typical weekend pan out for you?  

My weekends vary from recording, socializing, relaxing. But my ideal weekend is out watching a gig somewhere with friends and the mrs with a few cheeky beers or a few bottles of Red or both haha....


2) What would you say has been your highlight for your two bands "CONNETT" and "The Last of the Troubadours"

I’ve been lucky in all my bands to be honest and have be in some amazing situations...I guess in CONNETT... it was being personally invited by Paul Weller to record at his studio Black Barn on the strength of him liking our first album "waging war on the obvious" as my life long idol that's up there... and then going to Chicago in America to record our second album "love&curses" that was unreal and something ill never forget.

With the last of the troubadours was having Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks play guitar and backing vocals on our "Don't stand on shadows" ep and all the great bands we supported from Athlete to the real people then going on tour with the Rifles. Had some blinding times with TLOTT and wish them well with whatever they do in the future. 


3)You have a shoe named after the band "The Troubadour", How did the collaboration with Delicious Junction come about and how did you decide upon the style of shoe to produce?

Delicious Junction have been my sponsor since day one and support all my music endeavours and it had been on the cards for a while. Pedro chilli had been working on something and put it to me and Joel from TLOTT and we changed a few bits to make it into a Chelsea style shoe as we thought there was loads of Chelsea boots but not shoes on the market. So that's the TROUBADOUR its a very 60s mod/rock n roll hybrid and I love it....


4) What’s your favourite purchased item of clobber and what’s your most cherished item of clothing ever given to you?

Hands up! I’ve got more clothes than any man needs in their life time if I’m honest, but I love my clobber and buy quite a lot but am also lucky to  get loads free due to my music and modelling for certain Brands. Hard to choose as I have some beauties.  My mrs bought me the Wimbledon Ralph Lauren umpires blazer that's pretty special, and have some lovely tweed jackets and suits from Gibson London and my feet are always spoilt by Delicious Junction. I think it’s true that if your a singer / frontman then you have a duty to look sharp and don't be fake about it and more importantly never have a day off! Hate seeing people who are in the public eye who are known for style and when you see them bowling about town they have shit fitting jeans and a vest on, really fucks me off.            


5) From head to toe, you always look sharp Darron, is there anybody you often see and think the same about? And why?

Thank you I try.  I put it down to being a hand me down kid in the early 80s. I had all my cousins stuff and rarely had much new until my teens, so now I can... I do. I used to love seeing my uncles and their mates in Farah slacks, Gabicci's and Baily shoes - always thought they looked amazing as a kid. I respect loads of stylish people, the tailor Mark Powell never has a day off and always looks sharp as does his young apprentice Zack Stoneham he’s only 16/17 and looks cool as fuck.


You can follow Darron @djcmusic1 on Twitter.  Look out for his next music project with ex TLOTT bass player Daniel Smith and a string/piano composer called Emily Jackson.  Darron told us... “It’s going really well and sounds like nothing out there, so I’m very proud of that fact, its songs that I’ve been sitting on for a while that wouldn't work before, it’s sort of chamber pop or baroc rock whatever you want to call it and hopefully we’ll launch properly in December with a single then a EP or album in the new year. I really don't want to rush or compromise, I’ve done too much of that and always kick myself for it. This doesn't come out unless I’m 100% happy with it, it just might be the last thing I do, who knows.....”