ModWear5 – E7 Mr Peeps November 14 2014

ModWear 5 with Mr Peeps Episode 7

Music Promoter, Radio & Podcast Presenter, Advocate of proper music / musicians, Night / event promoter, Film Producer, Mancunian & enigma – We had to find out more about Mr Peeps.

1) What was your motivation for getting into Music Promotion?

I can't sing I can't play anything. I've been into music which seems like forever and it's been a sort of natural progression, after the Podcast and the radio show and seeing some really crap promoters / nights where bands get ripped off, I thought I could do better than that.  So far it's going well; I put on more of an event rather than a run of the mill band night and now I've got loads of Top bands wanting to play. 


2) Who are the bands doing it for you at the moment? And why? Are any of them set for big things?

There's a lot of good bands around at the moment, but if I've got to pick 3, in no particular order.

The Backhanders: Great live, top songs / lyrics, unpredictable, just Quality Manc Rock n Roll. A band on the verge of exploding or imploding that's what makes them special.

No Hot Ashes: Indie Funk at it's very best, not only can this young band write great songs, they can cut it live big-time and I think their style of music is quite unique at the moment. Music to a different beat... Ones to watch.

The Tapestry: Another top live band with great sing back anthems. When you see them live, you know you have been to a gig. They've got Quality written all over them and 2015 should be a big year for the band.

All 3 bands play different styles of music but have one thing in common; they write great songs and can also pull it off live... which is where it counts.


3) Do you think it’s important for a band to have a good sense of style? And why?

Without doubt, if you’re in a band you have got to look the part. No good turning up looking like tramps. You’re on stage and have got to make the effort, it's part of the full package  Looking good is important, goes without saying, in a band or not.


4) You regard Manchester as the best city in the world (we agree) for people who wouldn’t know and in your opinion what is Manchester all about?

Well apart from the great music history, the whole city seems to be on the up at the moment with the Northern Quarter and Spinningfields being the places to go. Also it's quite a busy place in the film and T.V world with filming taking place all over the city with it's great mix of buildings for a backdrop. And of course there must be a least a couple of gigs or more on any day of the week..... also it doesn't rain as much as what people make out.     


5) With so much going on in our city, How difficult is it to put on and maintain a successful night such as “Mr Peeps Presents”

To be honest it's quite easy, I tend to work with bands that are as passionate about their music as I am. The key is getting the line-up right. All the bands on my line-ups stay and support the night and the other bands, none of this gig and go crap which is on the increase.


We recently read a photographers review which said “Mr Peeps must be the one of, if not the hardest working promoter that I have met” after we asked him what he has in pipeline we can see why: His Radio show on FabRadio is doing really well, you can also check out his popular podcasts here: he will be releasing number 20 soon.  As mentioned above, keep an eye out for the next instalments of Mr Peeps nights which are planned for next March – you can stay informed via his website or get on his Twitter feed    

On top of all this, Mr Peeps is producing a Manc indie Film with Nathan Cunningham and Low Flying Geese which they are hoping to have out in early 2015. There are a load of top names involved in it, have a gander at the trailer here:

Even with all of the above going on in his own world, with his parting comments, Mr Peeps brings it back to music and the Bands he champions, by saying “Really looking forward to 2015, Hoping at least a couple of the bands I mentioned make that breakthrough and people start to sit up and listen to some of the new stuff, instead of being force fed the radio1 / Xfactor crap.”