ModWear5 – E8 Jaymo Kid December 04 2014

ModWear 5 with Jaymo Kid Episode 8

Have you ever sung along to a piece of artwork? The answer is most likely yes if you have seen any of artwork produced by Jaymo Kid. In this ModWear 5 episode we find out a little bit more about the Illustrator and the artwork itself.

1) Many of your pieces are based on musicians & icons but would you say any of your artwork is autobiographical?

Yeah definitely. People always say write about what you know, well I guess I draw about what I know. I've been a video games artist/Graphic designer for the last 15 years so I've had to work to other people’s ideas and briefs. My work is a reaction to those confines. Modernism and music are a huge part of my life, and I love trying to capture images of it and other British sub cultures. Although my commission work always comes with some sort of brief, the people that have approached me already know my style and themes of my work, I guess that’s why they are interested in the first place.

2) What comes first, the lyrics or the actual images in your pieces?

It varies. My own pieces can start with an image first, then the song lyrics usually fall into place afterwards. But I also have a list of lyrics from certain bands that I want to work up, but Its a case of waiting for the right idea to pop into my head to go with the songs.Commissions always tend to start with a song lyric first, and I try and fit an image around those. The songs chosen usually mean something to the client, a wedding song etc. so I work with them to come up with a composition that they like that best fits the song. Although most people just leave me to come up with an idea.

3) What have been your most popular images?

'Broken Stones - Paul Weller' I limit all my work to 50 prints. This one is my most popular so far. I have only a few remaining.       

4) Your involved with the monthly “Funk and Soul Sessions” @ the Clarenden in Leamington Spa with Dean Rudland and Eddie Piller, How’s the night going & For people who haven’t been what can they expect?

The night has been running for about 12 months now. I do the support slot before the lads take over and get the place jumping. You can expect plenty of Motown, Northern, Latin, Boogaloo, Funk etc all played off vinyl. The Clarendon is a cracking little boozer that hosts other top DJ's like Craig Charles, Andy Smith, Don Letts, Jazzie B, to name a few. You can expect great tunes and a top atmosphere, and its completely free as well!


5) What do you have coming up in the next few weeks before Christmas or early next year?  And where can people buy your artwork?

The last few months have been a bit chaotic to be honest; I've been working on a new website ( that will allow me to sell my work online. The website design has chewed into a lot of my production time. But this is pretty much ready to launch now and should be online for the beginning of Dec. Just in time for Christmas ;) I've managed to complete a couple of big commissions for people, But most importantly I’ve had two major meetings, and subsequent collaborations with 2 very big clients which will all become clear in the new year. But my main goal for the New Year is to rebuild my Lambretta TV2 when it comes out of the paint shop.
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