ModWear5 – E9 The Sherlocks December 17 2014

ModWear 5 with The Sherlocks Episode 9

After a sell out gig in our home city of Manchester and the release of a debut single, we caught a few words with the four piece band, The Sherlocks.

1) How did it all start for The Sherlocks?

The band first started after Kiaran, Brandon and Andy started playing football together. Then Andy introduced his older brother josh and we all started jamming together and the band really developed from there

2) Having one set of brothers in a band can be problematic... but how does it work having two pairs? Does it balance everything out or is there a dominate duo?

It works a treat, it's a democracy. In terms of song writing Kiaran writes the songs but we all input our ideas

3) You recently released your debut single “Live For the Moment” (Top Video – your man is having a shocker ( How has the track been received?

We can't believe how much of an impact the track has had. Since its release our fanbase has grown by thousands. The gigs go wild when we play this track

4) Who in the band is most concerned with how they appear? And who dresses the sharpest?

All dress about the same, all like to look smart

5) How’s touring been this year, what was the stand out gig?

We've had a few big ones in terms of size of the crowds. We've supported some big bands like The Enemy, Scouting For Girls, Simple Minds this year. From our own headline gigs, I would say MANCHESTER, it was just mayhem for about 45mins. Reyt gig!


The Sherlocks will finish off the year with a few gigs locally, one of which in their own village - Bolton on Dearne and another in Sheffield. Looking into 2015, They have a full UK tour booked, find out more about their up and coming gigs on their website: and you can follow them on Twitter: