ModWear5 – E10 Kate - MOTM January 09 2015

ModWear 5 with Kate - March of the Mods Episode 10

Its nearly March again. As soon as March 2014 came to end, Plans were already being put into place to make March of the Mods 2015 bigger and better and of course raise as much money as possible for Charity.  (Just over £100,000 raised in 2014)

Do you follow March of the Mods on Twitter? @MarchOfTheMods  or Facebook if you do, I’m positive you will have seen input from Kate. @Kate_KRK

We made contact with Kate to find out a little bit more about her and what we can expect from March of the Mods 2015.

1)  What has been your involvement in the March of the Mod events in previous years? And how did this come about?

My involvement came about through a lovely gentleman by the name of Eddie Penny, whose idea is March of the Mods. The idea has always been that March of the Mods takes over the month of March raising money for the nominated charity which has been Teenage Cancer Trust over the last two years and this year. In 2013 when the first events were held, I hosted the first one on Friday March 1st at Birmingham, with both original and cover bands performing for all that attended, and Dj’s. I then had the idea to do a calendar with all the photographs based on David Bailey’s box of pin ups. The calendar was sponsored by different business that covered the printing costs and all the professional photographs  were taken by David Rann from Fotofilia Studio. Since that time I have got more involved, including the launch and maintaining of March of the Mods website

With Julie the organiser of #MOTMs Cambridge, in October and November of 2013 we went to Epic Studios, were the #MOTMs DVD was filmed which had 10 bands who took part, both original and cover bands, it was great fun to do. Last year I organised both Reading and North London.

2)  What has been your highlight to date?

I have had a number of highlights, so it is hard to just come up with the one, first has got to be to the great response from people after they have attended the events and knowing that the funds that have been raised is making a real difference in a young person’s life.

My personal highlight so far is, that I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Svengali’ film premier last year, and met Shane Meadows (writer/director of This is England, and my all-time favourite film ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’). He kindly donated some of his very own Fred Perry T-shirts which he signed, they will be raffled this year. I was then very lucky to have both Jonny Owen and Vicky McClure attend Reading’s March of the Mods 2014.

3)  What is your involvement in 2015? & what do you have planned for these events?  

As for 2015 I will continue maintaining the website, and the twitter account for March of the Mods. I Have the privilege of organising both London and Reading events again, with some amazing bands, both original and cover, including special guest Dj’s and even a magician at Reading.

The March of the Mods double album ‘Causing A Scene' and launch party for the album. The double album has been fun to do, even though at times stressful, it includes tracks from Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band, From The Jam, Steve Marriott, The Riots, The Universal, The Ganders and The Pepperpots to name a few. The help people have given me with the album has been phenomenal, all the artists that have contributed a track, the artwork for the album by, having the tracks mastered by Graham, and the support I have received regarding the album launch party. The album goes on sale 9th February via the website.

There is also a raffle for a brand new Scomadi TL50 Scooter which has been donated by Scomadi UK Ltd and Carnaby Scooters, which will be drawn at Reading’s event on 15th March. But to be fair none of these idea’s/projects etc can come off the ground without all of the contributions that everyone makes, everything from sponsoring, donations, playing, dj’ing and tracks etc from artists and everyone who has helped on the album.

4) In addition to attending the London, Reading or any of the other 34 events during March, how can people support the events or the charity?

With regard to supporting the events, even if they can’t actually attend, they can buy a ticket for one of the 36 events... for every ticket sold the money is doubled by Barclays Bank. So for March of the Mods and Teenage Cancer Trust it is WIN WIN. Also anyone who wants to host their own event under the banner of March of the Mods can send an via, or wish to donate something to be raffled or auctioned, can also contact use the same email address. People can also support by buying  a raffle ticket for the scooter, or by purchasing the album when it goes on sale.

5) Away from MOTM, How do you like to pass time?

Away from MOTMs I enjoy spending my time with my family and friends, and looking forward to my daughter’s wedding this year. But if I am totally honest I always have MOTMs on my mind, trying to think of ways in which to raise the profile and awareness of the work that everyone does for March of the Mods in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.

The first MOTM events actually start on Saturday 28th February which of course take you through to March at midnight – These will be held in Bristol, Paisley & Thirsk. On the 1st of March, Grimsby, Leicester and Liverpool take the baton.

Have you decided which event you will be attending?  You can see the full list of events at the March of the Mods website: