Mod Wear Pins of the Month - January 2016 February 07 2016

The title of this blog post might make you think about a Butlins holiday camp lovely legs competition, but it’s not. We love Pinterest. We follow some cool boards & see some great images - but it’s all very quick – 1000’s of images every day.

Here at Mod Wear HQ we wanted to share with you our top, favourite, memorable 5 pins / re-pins each month. Below find part 1 - January 2016:

Pinners Caption: Photographer: Ian Tong - from his "Quadrophenia" photo series


Mod Wear Comments: Were fed up of dark nights, and short days and already looking forward to summer. We like the shot of this chap, looking sharp with his scoot in Brighton. We did some extra digging about and found the photographer – here is his website where you can see his additional images from the shoot.

Pinners Caption: snow vw bus


Mod Wear Comments: In contrast to our first image (Longing for summer days) this next shot celebrates winter. We didn’t have much snow up north this winter which im not sure is a good or bad thing. Its great this image though, Love VW vans and look at the size of the tree. What makes us like it even more is that it’s difficult to put a year on when this might have been shot.

Pinners Caption: Old Record Store – miss going to record store, back in the day, to look at all the LPs!!


Mod Wear Comments: Did you see that HMV reported sales of one Vinyl turntable per minute over Christmas and Amazon also reported high sales. Were all over vinyl revival. Would love to have visited this shop. 

Pinners Caption: skinheads on estate


Mod Wear Comments:The Pinners caption says it all really, 3 skinheads stood outside “Herbert House.” We clicked on the link and found it led to a tumblr post called “Trojan Skinheads” Trojan Records have started to produce some really top clobber recently, we stocked a few items last year which went down well… keep your eyes peeled on the site for further news on this in the next few weeks.


Pinners Caption:  A brooding sharp suited David Bowie in his mod days


Mod Wear Comments: Ending this post on a bit of a sombre note. But lots of well-known lives taken in January including this man. Lots of images shared of Bowie since January 10th and some more famous / memorable images than others, but we like this picture.


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