Mod Wear Pins of the Month - February 2016 March 01 2016

This is part 2 (February) of our Pinterest feature where we (at ModWear HQ) share with you our top, favourite, memorable 5 pins / re-pins each month.


Pinners Caption: None


Mod Wear Comments:   Who could / would forget Valentine’s Day in February. We think this image is fairly romantic. The pinner of this chose not to add a Caption, but we like the name of the photography business responsible for the shot “Joys of Life.” A Couple scooting of into the sun down a cobbled street. Joy.


Pinners Caption: Trojan Records, mid '70s.


Mod Wear Comments: How good is this Trojan Records poster? “Ask for the Trojan Sounds in all good Record Shops” Do you own any of the records? In January’s “Pins of the Month” we talked a bit about Trojan records producing some top clobber. This will be on the site in the next few weeks. “Ask for the Trojan Clobber in all good Apparel shops”


Pinners Caption: Photo: office interior and furniture by Giuseppe Pagano Pogatsching c.1942


Mod Wear Comments: Can you believe this is a shot from 1942. It’s well before its time. We did a little bit of reading up on Giuseppe Pagano, he was an Italian architect who was influenced by Futurism. we would love our HQ to look like this.


Pinners Caption: Northern Soul Anniversary Patches


Mod Wear Comments: Love looking at collections of Northern Soul Patches. Either a collection like pictured or attached to a Trefoil logo’d Adidas flight bag. Cool. Each patch bringing back amazing, never to be forgotten memories to the owner.


Pinners Caption: Nice People dancing to good soul music


Mod Wear Comments: Linked in part to the previous image. How cool is this street. Sign number one we have “Nice People dancing to good Soul Music” and second sign we have “Dancing, Do drop in” It’s not hard to see that some good times were happening here. Talking good times, today is March the 1st and just 3 days before the start of March of the Mods 2016. Gateshead, Reading and Coventry kick of this year’s events on the 4th and not forgetting the Manchester Weekender 4th and 5th. Check out all of the events here: and remember it’s all in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust:


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