New Film Pays Homage to Quadrophenia March 04 2016

Have you see anything about the new film "Being" ? We have seen several images on Twitter and are pretty excited about it. We spoke with the team behind "Being" and they sent us some information below.... You even have the chance to be in the film. 

“Being” is a new film featuring a couple of actors from the classic Quadrophenia, the film that a lot of scooter lovers cite as ‘life changing’. The exciting thing is that you can get involved with and even be in the film with your scooter through Kickstarter.

The story is about Buddy, a young carer for his Mum who has multiple sclerosis. He struggles with his responsibilities at home and is bullied at school finding escape in a world of sixties music. He befriends an out of work actor played by Mark Wingett (Dave Quadrophenia). So, with the Brighton location right down to the replicas of the scooters and clothing, Being has strong cultural references to the original Quadrophenia movie.

Many people have pledged their commitment to this project because of Devlin’s considerable charisma and his deep love for Kennedy, his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. They do so in the knowledge that in Devlin’s hands this will be a moving and compelling work of art that will change peoples’ lives forever.

One of the most exciting rewards on Kickstarter is to appear in the film on a scooter dressed to impress in Mod clobber. This reward is limited so it will be first come first served.

The trailer, project updates, and additional information on Being can be found on the Kickstarter page:

Official Film Website: