Brand Watch - Brutus SS17 March 15 2017

Brand Watch - Brutus SS17

We are excited to say that we are now stocking Brutus. Before we talk about the items we have chosen to stock for Spring / Summer 2017, Lets have a look back at 1970's Brutus.

Subject to opinion, but we still think that Brutus "wont cost you an arm and a leg."  We are stocking 5 items this season but have much more planned for later this year.

Trimfit Shirts

Originally developed in 1967, The Brutus Trimfit is a superior fitting shirt. With no exterior branding, the secret is all in the shirt’s famous details. Features include, the iconic three finger rolled button-down collar and trademark button and vent sleeve. The shirt is shaped and darted for the perfect waist fit and comes complete with matching pocket-handkerchief. 

We have a selection of three shirts, The Heritage Blue and Red, The Brick Red and Yellow and Sky Blue Large Gingham.


In 2015 / 2016 Brutus released a number of Videos. The video's focus around one person talking about what Brutus means to them. They are absolutely class and really well shot, the stories are brilliant too. I would recommend watching the complete series, but we have placed two below. 



Ringer Tee

Like the Brutus Trimfit shirts, Its all about the way these ringer Tee's fit.  

The ringer has capped sleeves, contrasting ribbed hemlines and embroidered Brutus branding above your heart. Inspired by timeless football strips and the essence of northern soul, the Brutus Ringer is practical, durable and made for comfort. Available in Navy and White.  How smart do they look with a pair of sta press and a steal at 25 sheets. 

Check out our Brutus collection HERE We have limited stock but look out for additional items arriving later in the year.