Mod Radio July 08 2016

Do you listen to Mod Radio? If you do you may well have heard our Radio advert in the last few weeks.  If you haven't yet heard it, you can below:


Mod Radio is an internet based Radio station who bring the best in all that is Mod, Northern Soul, Motown, 60's Mod, Mod Revival, Ska and Two Tone. The station also plays the best of new upcoming Mod Bands and bands that have stayed on the scene. We spoke with station owner Mark Ambrose about how the station came about and why people should tune in:



“I brought my dream to reality on the 7th January 2015, broadcasting from the back bedroom of my home in North Yorkshire.  Within 7 months of the first live broadcast, mod radio had out grown the box bedroom and I moved my studio office to Aske, Richmond, North Yorkshire. The transition took place on the 26th June. At the time mod radio was exceeding 24,000 regular listeners per week”

Marks ever increasing workload created a need for a ‘hands on’ assistant. Ruth joined Mark on the 1st  July and with the same vivacity for music, assists Mark with his workload. ‘Thank god for Ruth’ quotes Mark, “her enthusiasm and drive for new music is superseded only by my own”.

Mod radio had a successful Northern launch on the 4th  September at Redcar and is hoping to replicate this success with a Southern launch.  Mark has already scooped interviews with the ‘gods of his generation’ such as Rick Buckler (formerly drummer with the jam) and John Hellier (co-writer of the Pete Meaden autobiography), Doug Sanders (Lambrettas) Mark has earmarked many more names for future interviews.

Complimentary to Marks passion for new music he has allocated 2 x 30 minute slots on breakfast and drive time shows, called `The New Mod Generation’. These sections are dedicated to promoting brand new tracks by new/existing. The station hosts a weekly hour long acoustic “live lounge” session. The bands are requested to play 5 tracks, 4 original and a cover version of their choice. The concept is to strip back to the basic skills of the performers, during the raw, warts and all recording, Mark uses this time to interview the band and ask questions put forward by listeners.

Mod radio are invited to functions in and around the London area, and noted that, although many new bands are on the scene they have not reached the north of England. Moving forward with this mod radio have formed a project called ‘North/South mod coalition’, in brief taking northern bands to southern gigs and vice versa, to promote and allow all bands countrywide exposure away from home territory. Mod radio will host and launch the 1st North/ South coalition, on the 14th November at Redcar with The Q (based in Gloucester) and 2 northern bands, with the enthusiastic backing of John Hellier, David Quaife and other influential music moguls. The next one to schedule will be after the southern launch with 2 southern bands and 1 northern counterpart. Mark is a massive fan of music festivals, he is regularly on stage with mic in hand taking his MC role seriously. Mark and Ruth are also seen out and about attending gigs on the lookout for bands with their own material.

Mark feels the time is right to introduce new regular dj’s who will bring their own slant to the stations reputation. Mark added: “Any willing dj’s out there are welcome to contact us at the station so we can continue with the progression of mod music!!!!”

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