Mod Wear Pins of the Month - July 2016 August 11 2016

After a break in June we are back with our Pinterest feature where we (at ModWear HQ) share with you our top, favourite, memorable 5 pins / re-pins each month.  This is part 6 (July).

Pinners Caption:  Veterans return for a nostalgic day out more than 50 years after the Mods fought the Rockers on Brighton seafront


Mod Wear Comments:   We have featured patches before on our Pins of the month. We love them. Each patch telling a different story or sparking a memory. This image is taken from the Daily Mail & Getty images – It was placed on their site to mark 50 years after Mods and Rockers went at it.



Pinners Caption: 


Mod Wear Comments:  Cool this picture, young mods pictured in Brighton in the Jimmy & Steph alley (I’m guessing).  When we first visited Brighton we literally stumbled upon this alley. We were walking away from the beach heading in the direction of the lanes towards a particular shop and it just was there.  Great photo opportunity.  

We are not able to visit the Brighton weekender this bank holiday, but if you are going have a belter, were looking forward to seeing all of the images and videos popping up on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Pinners Caption:  Heal's - Good Design, Well Made. Contemporary lighting & furniture by the best British & international designers


Mod Wear Comments:    If you have read our previous entries, you will know we also have a passion for furniture. Love this sideboard from Heals. Also like the teal colour used on a section of the wall behind it.


Pinners Caption:  Ron Galella's Most Iconic Celebrity Photos


Mod Wear Comments:   A stunning photo of Sharon Tate, 1967.  Photo was taken by Ron Galella known as “the godfather of the US paparazzi culture. Check out more of his images here:  and you can read up more about Ron here: 



Pinners Caption:  Amazon's drone delivery project Prime Air has unveiled a new prototype in a video featuring former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson 


Mod Wear Comments:   Ending on something pretty spectacular and a little bit different but still semi related to us (hopefully one day). Did you see this video? If not see video link below.  We’re not advertising Amazon (although I’m sure you do use or have used amazon services) but how amazing will drone deliveries be.  We’re hoping that this is just the first of many prototypes and delivery services which can develop these products and somehow create an infrastructure / flight pass so that this becomes possible and soon.  Could just see a ModWear designed drone leaving our HQ, flying through the city of Manchester. You’re in your back garden polishing up your Lammy waiting for your Desert Boots (Delicious Junction Crowley) to be delivered. You get a message, you look up and there it is touching down on your lawn.  Open package, Lace up, Kick start, and ready steady go!   

Speaking of deliveries, keep an eye on our social channels & website – were hoping to have something to announce very soon.  Anyway, here is Clarkson introducing a “vision of the not too distant future”.  



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