Sawdust Caesars & Mojo Talkin January 12 2018

Are you familiar with the following two books? We picked up our copies over the Christmas period and finding them hard to put down. Here is the synopsis for each title:

Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices

In the straight-talking razor-sharp style of Mods on their own terms, here is a fresh and vital piece to the ever-evolving Mod jigsaw. Featuring name Faces and devotees from Mod’s inception to the present day, the music, culture and changing fashions are complemented with scores of exclusive photos from the original Mod era and beyond. Perhaps, the final analysis, ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices’ is a compulsive journey into the whole Mod phenomenon - the weekend is finally here for the new testament of Mod!

Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod

Complementing the critically acclaimed ‘Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices’, here is a new and refreshing insight into the history of Mod.  With a core theme that documents Mod’s influence across a myriad of mediums, many of which have not been explored previously, this is a captivating and compelling study of the most relevant and influential youth-led phenomenon since the dawn of popular culture.
Stylish, precise, intensely researched and as fast-paced, diverse and visual as the subject matter itself, ‘Mojo Talkin’ is the authentic voice of Mod evolving across the decades.


The two large sized hardback books chronicle the whole history and wide influences of mod from its beginnings to the modern age. Critically acclaimed by Shindig, Scootering, Vive Le Rock, Street Sounds, Classic Scooterist, The Blues magazine, My Kind of Town, Heavy Soul fanzine, Subba Culture fanzine and including input from members of Stone Foundation, Makin' Time, The Jolt, Deep Six, The Boys and more along with scores of first-hand accounts from original mods, mod revivalists, fanzine writers and others - these volumes present almost 1000 pages of mod related history and rare images.
All copies are personally signed by the author Tony Beesley and available at the following links:

Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod