The Mover Magazine July 11 2016

We were approached a few months back by “The Mover Magazine” about doing an interview with us about the shop and our own brand Sackville.

You can see the interview below:


Autonomous Fashion From The Heart Of Manchester

Mod Wear UK runs an eclectic online outlet for the mod fashion conscious, supplying an array of labels. Delivering menswear to autonomous people, Mod Wear provides clothing and apparel for those infatuated with mod culture, retro revival, heritage and vintage fashion. THE MOVER speaks to the Manchester based curators Lewis and Jordan on Mod Wear’s vibrant range, the style behind the site and the partnership’s own independent and tasteful Sackville label.

Speaking with the pair, Lewis explains how his inspiration to formulate Mod Wear came from noticing a gap in the market. In travelling across the globe, Lewis observed a lack of local mod stores for his own personal dress. “I had been travelling around the world for a year. I lived in the same outfits because I was travelling light. Everywhere I went it was difficult to get any decent threads,” says Lewis “So clothing was always on my mind.” Upon his return to the UK, Lewis was motivated to provide a virtuous platform for the style he adhered to, and he teamed up with fellow mod wear enthusiast Jordan. “So starting a clothing business seemed to fit. We could only set up a clothing company with clobber we knew about and what we actually wore so it was always going to be mod inspired,” says Lewis.

Jordan divulges his love for mod’s evolving style, explaining why he feels the aesthetic has lasted across generations. Providing the durable and resilient style of mod to contemporary customers, Mod Wear is a popular site for this generation’s mod conscious, taking inspiration from across the decades to the present day. “I think it’s a clean, smart style and I think at times it can be fairly understated. I think this has given the look its longevity,” says Jordan. “If you compare it to punk style as an example, which can be loud and aggressive, the mod look is more sociable. I also think there are a number of icons which have ensured the look re-invents and reaches out to new generations.”

With icons from Paul Weller to Liam Gallagher across the decades, “music and fashion have always gone hand in hand” explains Lewis. “Musicians take their influences and come up with their own style both in their music and the way they present themselves, which in turn is passed onto their fans,” he says. “There is a lot of music out there and a lot of (sometimes dubious) fashion that goes along with it, however I can’t imagine anyone looking at both the mod style or the mod inspired bands and thinking someone was badly dressed, it might not be their taste but I am sure they would appreciate how sharp they looked.”

The Mod Wear pair not only has a keen eye for style but also a competent ear for music. The website promotes music alongside its fashions with band interviews and updates on its blog section. Lewis is an avid music fan, who does not just restrict himself to mod sounds, and his  vibrant taste shows on the site with coverage from The Sherlocks and The Middens to Ordinary Affair. “As a general rule I don’t follow just 'mod' bands and have a broad taste in music, from Nina Simone to Fat White Family. But if someone looked at my record collection they might disagree. There is a lot of Paul Weller past and present, everything Oasis ever released (it was somewhat of an obsession), Noel Gallagher, Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Charlatans, Happy Mondays, Black Grape…” he says. “All very obvious for a Manchester lad I guess.”

Both Lewis and Jordan are proud of their Manchester culture, their own Sackville label reflective of the city’s great heritage in mod fashions, (see Sackville on “Manchester has been a massive influence for us. It’s where we live, where we grew up, and partied for so many years. So when we decided we wanted to go ahead with our own label it had to be named after something to do with Manchester,” says Jordan. “We liked the idea of road names and after a bit of a discussion we went with Sackville. I would say Manchester is rich in youth culture but not necessarily just Mod Culture. There are mod Manchester influences from the past such as the Twisted Wheel and Part of Manchester’s Britpop culture drew influences from original mods. But I just think Manchester has always had a top music scene and fashion goes hand in hand with that, whatever that style might be.”

Whilst for now Sackville is a small collection, the partnership have plans to grow the label further, as “a collection of understated men’s clothing to reflect mod inspired fashion past and present” and to “reflect the city they love”.

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