Your Scooter Club - E10 - Bullseye SC March 14 2017

In this episode (Ten) in our series called "Your Scooter Club" where we find out a little bit more about scooter clubs across the country and around the world. Were back from Malaysia (episode 9) and taking a trip to the south of England. 

How often do you meet and where?

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at The Snooty Fox Pub, Haslett Avenue,Crawley, Sussex RH10 1LX  

Who's the ace in the Pack?

Ace has to be Simon Elkins-green   

What was the last thing you did as a club?

Our last event was our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, February 19th.   

Next planned Club Event?

Our next ride out will be kick start London and then the next event we are working on will be mods and rockers week for some time in June.


Most memorable part of the clubs history?

Not one specific event, every time we meet up its always fun and laughter   

What record would best describe the soundtrack of the club?

It has to be "Do I love you (Indeed I do)" by Frank Wilson


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