Your Scooter Club - E3 - Lincoln Knights SC August 19 2016

In this episode (three) in our new series called "Your Scooter Club" where we find out a little bit more about scooter clubs across the country and around the world, We meet:

The club has no joining fees, rules or real structure... Steve Cradock of Ocean Colour Scene / Paul Weller's band is an honorary member - he had one of the Lincoln Knights stickers on his guitar for a few years and the last time he was in Lincoln he took club member Dave's Vespa for a spin.

How often do you meet and where?

Generally speaking there's a ride out every Wednesday evening throughout the summer season, with a different location chosen each week - usually a pub

Who's the ace in the Pack?

We have no real rank, structure or leader as such , just website / facebook / twitter administrators and event coordinators / helpers

What was the last thing you did as a club?

Our Charity event - called "Scoot To The Waterfront". This is usually an annual daytime event based on Lincoln's historic Brayford Waterfront. It's the fifth time we've held such an event and it's free to get in and open to the general public. It consists of what we call a "Park and Pose" custom show - where basically if you turn up on your scooter, you're a part of the custom show. We also have Live music, dealer stalls and a ride out closes the day - through the historic part of  the city - around the Cathedral

The whole thing is "self funding" where we only charge traders to sell their wares, ask clubs / traders / businesses to sponsor the custom show trophies and sell limited edition badges and patches at each event. The funds raised pay for publicity / advertising, paying bands that play  throughout the day (Who don't do it for free) and any other expenses such as First Aid cover... 

This year's event was based around the Holiday Inn Hotel, who gave us a £300 donation to cover some of the costs of the day.  ANY excess funds we raise go to charity. There's no money or funds in the club at all.

This year's event (2016) attracted well over 400 scooters from all over the country and it's getting bigger year by year.  Oh, and we raised over £300 for charity.

Next planned Club Event?

Probably Scoot to the Waterfront 6 (2017) - watch out on Facebook/Twitter and on the website (Currently under reconstruction) 

Most memorable part of the clubs history?

One of the earliest memories was when we helped a local school film the opening sequence to their 60s version of "Romeo and Juliet" - we arranged to meet at Skegness and did some "Mock" fighting on the beaches with a local motorcycle club - most of which featured middle aged blokes - The whole thing was hilarious.


What record would best describe the soundtrack of the club?

The In Crowd - Dobie Gray... A classic that sums up the scene - the original's still the greatest


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