Your Scooter Club - E5 - Aberdeen Classic SC September 23 2016

In this episode (five) in our series called "Your Scooter Club" where we find out a little bit more about scooter clubs across the country and around the world, We take a trip to Scotland and meet:

How often do you meet and where?

We meet up most weeks on monday and or thursday at Aberdeen Beach and appreciate the classic lines and trials and tribulations of the old 2 stroke shopping bike

Who's the ace in the Pack?

There is no Ace face we all have a say in what happens and what we do

What was the last thing you did as a club?

We did a 360 miles round trip to Lambretta Club Scotland Rally in Aberfoyle on the west coast of scotland 9th-11th september.

Next planned Club Event?

A weekend riding to and around Aviemore and Cairngorm mountains at end of september

Most memorable part of the clubs history?

Riding over Glenshee to meet some scooter pals from A92 Vespa club for lunch, total of 178 miles through the highlands just for a fish supper.

What record would best describe the soundtrack of the club?

Its hard to put a song as a fave as we all like varied music.. Personal choice would be The Real Me by The Who
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