Your Scooter Club - E6 - Wasps of London SC November 07 2016

In this episode (Six) in our series called "Your Scooter Club" where we find out a little bit more about scooter clubs across the country and around the world, We take a trip to the capital and find out more about the Wasps of London Scooter Club.

How often do you meet and where?

We meet The second Thursday of each month in the Rose pub Fulham Just of the new Kings Road

Who's the ace in the Pack?

Me of course!! (Andy) I reformed the club back in the late 90s and have been the main organiser of all events

What was the last thing you did as a club?

Back in July we had an anniversary 35 years scooter back to Hastings with over 150 scooters in attendance

Next planned Club Event?

London's biggest scooter ride out of the year Our Ride of remembrance. We are now into our 9th year have raised over £40,000 for the Royal British Legion poppy appeal. Last year we had over 1000 scooters on the streets of London - this has never been seen before.  To anybody reading this, you more than welcome to join us this year. We will be meeting at the lounge 34 in lower Marsh Lane beside Waterloo station where we will hold a two minute silence at 11 AM then start our ride of remembrance with a wreath laying service at the Hyde Park war Memorial.  After we will return to lounge bar in lower Marsh Lane where we will have a DJ providing entertainment at 14:00 hours.  We will have an auction and raise lots of money for the Royal British Legion poppy appeal.  Please see Wasps of London scooter club Facebook page for more information: 

Most memorable part of the clubs history?

Raising money for Royal British Legion poppy appeal next year will be our 10th anniversary and we will make it bigger and better than ever before!! We are so proud of the fact that when we started this, there was about 20 or 30 of us.


What record would best describe the soundtrack of the club?

A lot of us were just working-class kids off the streets of London but like most, as you grow up you get older and wiser!!

Saturdays kids by the jam



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