Your Scooter Club - E7 - South Bay SC November 11 2016

In this episode (Seven) in our series called "Your Scooter Club" where we find out a little bit more about scooter clubs across the country and around the world, We take a trip across the pond and find out more about South Bay Scooter Club.

How often do you meet and where?

We meet the first Saturday of every month (except Sept). We meet at a funny place: a sports Sushi bar (very California, right?), called Kai Sushi Sports Bar. But we usually park our scoots around an old water fountain right by it.

Who's the ace in the Pack?

No one really stands out like that for us; we all just like to show up and ride, and many of us have a variety of scooters. Some are nicer than others, sure, but someone else always shows up with an even nicer one, at times!

What was the last thing you did as a club?

Our annual “Swerve ‘N’ Curve” Scooter Rally, which is now the longest-running scooter rally in the Los Angeles area. Every year, towards the end of summer, we have a large rally that hundreds of scoots and riders come out to. Our club is lucky to be situated right next to one of the most scenic places in Southern California, the Palos Verdes Peninsula (President-Elect Donald Trump even has his best looking golf course on the other side of it, overlooking the beautiful seaside cliffs). The main ride of the rally takes a twisty way around the peninsula, going up and down gorgeous hills and cliffs, right by the sea. Then we end the ride at a location where we have our annual Party and Scooter Awards. Good times, and we’ve done it ever since 2001.

Next planned Club Event?

Our annual “Naughty Butt Nice” Christmas Lights Ride & Party. Every December, we ride our scoots to and through an enthusiastic neighborhood in our home town of Torrance, called “Sleepy Hallow,” or “Candy Cane Lane”; this large neighborhood has streets and streets of extremely Holiday decorated homes, and while most people go through it in their cars, having to go very slow, we are able to cruise through it at our pace on scooters. We become part of the display as we all decorate our scooters with Holiday decorations, as well. Then, we ride to one of our favorite beachside pubs, in Redondo Beach, California, and have our annual South Bay Scooter Club Holiday Party.

Most memorable part of the clubs history?

Aside from our annual “Swerve ‘N’ Curve” rally, we also throw a yearly “SoCal Slow Ride”. This single ride event brings out some of the rarest vintage scooters in our area, as it is a ride designed for slow scooters — those who can’t keep up on the more faster scooter rally rides, or go faster than 40-45 mph. Every April, we go around the Palos Verdes Peninsula for this ride, too, but at quite a slower pace.

What record would best describe the soundtrack of the club?

With our laid back, seaside attitude, as well as the love of our musical roots, probably “Jamaica Ska” by The Specials, would fit the bill. Perfect for scooting next to the Pacific Ocean when the sun is going down.



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